Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Republicans Questioning Bush's Iraq Policies

Any other time one would expect Republican lawmaker Curt Weldon to be an unwavering supporter of President George W. Bush's Iraq policy. After all, just this summer the Pennsylvania congressman was saying the jury remains out on whether Iraq still holds weapons of mass destruction.

But Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, is desperate to hold onto his seat in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is sounding more like a Democrat - and the increasing number of dissident Republicans who are talking about a timetable for bringing the troops home.

The 10-term incumbent is preparing this week to file a nonbinding resolution that says a milestone-based approach with criteria determined by military officers should be used by Bush to determine when troops should be withdrawn from Iraq.

Weldon's proposal is not as far-reaching as some that Democrats have proposed, but it's still questioning Bush policies. He is one of many Republicans facing a tough November election who are giving voice to the idea that the war is not going well.

(All well and good that Mr Weldon has had a change of heart [how conVEEEENient 60 days before an election] --- IF he's had a change of heart. Since your vote for him would not come with a guarantee - then I say it's not worth the risk. The risk of two more years of absolute power for this administration. The Republicans have not seen fit to perform any oversight on this president for 6 years and have questioned the patriotisim of anyone who has asked questions. They have done NOTHING for working American's except propagandize to them. It's time to guarantee accountability by casting a vote to shift the balance of power.)



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