Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh, the hypocricy of it all!

This is probably my favorite interview on the Libby story. Kate O'Beirne completely exposed for the partisan hack that she is. With a straight face she argues that that Bill Clinton's impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice was "just" because he admitted to perjury! Scooter's case is a travesty of justice because he still maintains his innocence despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I tell you sometimes it's difficult to decide whether to laugh or throw up!

Chris Matthews once again shows he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer for failing to make the distinction that Clinton lied about consensual sex while Libby lied to cover up something involving national security issues. Issues which most certainly have resulted in the loss of life.

Remember folks - this torrid tale started because the administration was trying to convince the country to go to war and Joe Wilson said "STOP! The objects in the mirror are not as they appear." For telling the public the truth, his wife was outed. The exposure in the media of a covert CIA agent (per the CIA) most certainly resulted in the executions of some valuable contacts around the world. Contacts in the slimy underworld of weapons sales. The Iraq war which we now know - was based on twisted information - has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Iraqi's and over 3,500 of our sons and daughters. Deaths for whom not one day in jail will be spent by the one who got caught lying to cover up the truth.

It would appear that those in power, have gotten away with murder. I'm at a loss to decide who is worse. Scooter Libby for covering it up - or those who celebrate their getting away with it.


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