Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gallup: Republicans less likely to believe evolution

This is actually a very enlightening poll. It explains a lot of things and reflects what many of us already knew. That they,
the Republicans, don't let the facts get in the way of their vision of the world. They live in an alternate universe where the facts - scientific or otherwise, are simply dismissed as 'liberal' positions.

Since they don't concern themselves with facts, it explains to me how they are so easily manipulated with Republican 'talking points' and how Fox News manages to have an audience - no matter how small. Their political leaders have recognized this and as such have been able to convince them to vote against their own interests.

Republicans have been masterful in the execution of their plan to seize and maintain power. First by convincing their people that the "media", is liberally 'biased' (by using the term 'liberal media' over and over and over until it sank into their psyche) - and is not to be believed. Only their side possesses truth. The other side is anti-God and can't be trusted.

The Republican machine has also been very effective at using 'talking points' as a brain washing tool by having party officials repeat the same lies over and over until they're accepted as truth by the masses and never questioned. The most recent example of how this has worked was during the last Republican debate. During that debate Mitt Romney exclaimed that 'if only Iraq had let the weapons inspectors in we might not have had to wage war against them.' HUH??? Bad enough that what he said was factually incorrect (Iraq DID allow the weapons inspectors in and George Bush ordered them out so he could commence with the bombing!) - the worst part is that he was not corrected by the facilitator or by any of the other candidates. Not one major news outlet thought it important enough to inform the public that a presidential candidate had misrepresented the facts about an unpopular war.

Funny how during the last presidential campaign were were treated to audio for days and weeks of Al Gore 'sighing' during one of his debates with George Bush. "That Gore, he's so arrogant, impatient and an elitist compared to the "simple, every man", GeorgeBush. Just listen to how he rude he is - sighing every time poor George opens his mouth." And lets not forget how many days, weeks and months we were subjected to audio of leading Democratic candidate Howard Dean whooping it up in Iowa during a celebration? "He's unstable!" the media proclaimed. Then there was John Kerry being forced to defend his war record against a President who didn't show up for duty because the media gave credence to a political group with an agenda in the weeks prior to the last presidential election.

All of this leads me to believe statements like the one made by Romney are not gaffes at all. It is part of a deliberate effort to deceive and mislead the public and they are succeeding. They are succeeding because the media has failed us. They are especially failing that group of people who are easily swayed because they aren't equipped with the facts. That group of people who call themselves Republicans.

Gallup has a new poll that suggests that Republican candidates for the presidency and other offices are preaching what the choir wants to hear when they knock the theory of evolution and embrace, four-square, the idea of creationism.

In its survey, Gallup found that 68 percent of Republicans didn't believe in evolution versus 40 percent of Democrats and 37 percent of independents who didn't believe in it.



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