Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Air America Dumps Sam Seder's Morning Show

The new owners of Air America Radio have demoted host Sam Seder to a Sunday timeslot, replacing his weekday morning show with an existing program from another syndicated network.

"This week will be the last week," Seder announced last night on his show's weblog. "Air America recently came out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the new management wants to go in a different direction."

Seder's being replaced on April 15 by Lionel, who airs on 92 stations syndicated by WOR Radio Networks and will be moving along with those affiliates. An attorney who worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in Florida before beginning his radio career in 1988, Lionel's the former host of Snap Judgment on Court TV and a drive-time morning program on WABC in New York.


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