Saturday, March 03, 2007

Four Ways Democrats Can End the War in Iraq

1. The only certain way to end the war is to cut off funds, but Speaker Pelosi has insanely taken that "off the table." On March 19, San Francisco activists will rally in front of Pelosi's office urging her to stop funding the war:

2. The next best way is to impeach Bush and Cheney and replace them with an anti-war Democrat or Republican acceptable to Congress (like Gerald Ford), but Pelosi has insanely taken that "off the table" too. Join over 70,000 activists who have emailed their Representatives to Impeach Bush and Cheney:

3. Just 40 Senators could filibuster all war funding bills, starting with the $93 billion Supplemental in early March. Russ Feingold could start this filibuster with the support of the handful of Democratic Senators who truly want to end the war: John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, and Ben Cardin. All we need are 40 of the 50 Democrats for the filibuster to succeed. Email them (and personalize the letter if you can):,,,,

Dear Senators,

The only way to end the Iraq War is to cut the funds, starting with the $93 billion Supplemental in March.

I urge all of you to work together to filibuster the Supplemental. You only need 40 votes to sustain the filibuster and force the Bush Administration to change its disastrous course.

Millions of us will do everything we possibly can to support your efforts, including demanding that all Democratic Senators support you - but it's up to you to take the lead.

[Your name and postal address]

4. House Democrats could raise taxes on the rich to pay for the war, starting with an amendment to the $93 billion Supplemental in early March. Since Republicans will never vote to tax the rich, adding this as an amendment to the Supplemental would guarantee Republicans defeat the bill - or Bush vetoes it. Call your Representative at 202-224-3121 (the Capitol switchboard - ask for your Congressperson) and urge him or her to add a War Tax to the Supplemental.


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