Friday, March 09, 2007

Dems Decide to Dump Fox

While this is indeed good news ---- I think Dems (including us the viewers) need to go further. We already know what they're about so why do we bother? Why do Dems appear on their network and why do Dems feel compelled to watch and then bitch and moan about what they say? Are your Sundays so boring that you need to fill your time dissecting all of their talking points? I never watch Fox. They aren't fair. They aren't balanced and I can predict with 100% accuracy what position they will take. No need to watch them to confirm that. It's not funny anymore. Stop watching them and then wringing your hands over it. We need to stop reacting to everything they say and start making them react to us. This is a good start!

Stop Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Nevada Democratic Party announced today that they are backing out of a Fox News-sponsored presidential debate in August following Fox President Roger Ailes's recent remarks comparing Democratic Senator Barack Obama to al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Adam Green, a spokesman for, said the Nevada Democratic Party had informed them of the decision: "Earlier today, a representative of the Nevada party called us and said that Fox was being dropped and that they were in the process of notifying their allies and Fox."

Neither Fox News nor a spokeswoman for the Nevada Democratic Party returned calls seeking comment.


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