Monday, February 05, 2007

Action Item

EMERGENCY Conference: Impeach Bush for War Crimes!

Saturday & Sunday, February 17 & 18 New York City

(Manhattan location to be announced. Saturday 9am-9pm Sunday 10-5)


Co-sponsors:; and Progressive Democrats of America “organizing for oversight, investigation, accountability – impeachment”

It is time to put impeachment back on the table! Iraq spins out of control. Bush escalates and threatens still wider war with Iran. The Bush program of torture and illegal detentions continues. These are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Bush's full program remains in effect. NSA Spying, the Patriot Act, the Military Commission Act; all continue. And, all are illegal. The whole program of the Bush Administration must be thoroughly repudiated by removing him from office before his term expires; otherwise, the whole direction he has taken society will be condoned, legitimated, and made permanent.

A movement to Impeach Bush for War Crimes can quickly advance the whole struggle; making ending the war and removing Bush a reality. As impeachment becomes imminent and his war options grow more limited; the more his war crimes are exposed, the greater the impetus for his removal and repudiation.

On the weekend of February 17, join activists, leaders, academics, and writers including Cindy Sheehan, John Nichols, Dennis Loo and more.


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