Friday, February 09, 2007

9/11 Press for Truth

Special: Truth, Lies and the Press - Part 1

9/11: Press for Truth

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Length: 02:00 Type of program: Documentary

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Saturday, Mar 10th 11:00 pm

Part 1 of this Link TV special hosted by Robert Scheer features 9/11 Press for Truth, a powerful documentary about a small group of grieving families who waged a tenacious battle against those who sought to bury the truth about 9/11. Six of them for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the greatest powers in Washington — and won! — compelling an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail in answering most of their questions.

Adapting Paul Thompson’s Complete 9/11 Timeline (published by HarperCollins as "The Terror Timeline"), the filmmakers collaborated with documentary veterans Globalvision ("WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception," "Beyond JFK") to stitch together rare overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences, revealing a pattern of official lies, deception and spin. As a result, a very different picture of 9/11 emerges, one that raises new and more pressing questions.

To view the trailer or purchase the DVD, visit 9/11 Press for Truth homepage.
Also see Link TV's Special: Truth, Lies and the Press - Part 2.

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