Friday, January 26, 2007

Fox News to Air Controversial '9/11' Footage

Desperation rears it's ugly head in the land of "We Don't Have A F****** Clue" as evidenced by this desperate stunt which is to appear on Faux News Channel.

Fox News Channel says it has obtained controversial unseen footage from ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11" and will air the video during "Hannity's America" on Sunday night.

Before "Path" aired in September, Democrats and former aides to President Clinton demanded changes to the miniseries, which revolves around the events leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, saying that it contained fictionalized scenes and unfairly blamed the Clinton administration for failing to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

Ahead of "Path's" broadcast, ABC was said to have made minor edits, including altering a scene in which an actor playing Sandy Berger, national security adviser to Clinton from 1997-2001, declines to give the CIA the authority to attack bin Laden.


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