Sunday, November 05, 2006

EXPONENTIAL DEGRADATION And The Opportunity For The Cure

From Chuck's "Divided States of bu$hmeriKa 2" a wrap-up of the 2006 elections:

So here we are, nearly ten months later- two days out from the second most important election in the history of our country. Take time to consider all that bush has initiated to negatively impact this country since then. We have lost so much. Each time he gets away with something he immediately tries to get away with twice that much again. With a rubber stamp congress and the Supreme Court "in his back pocket", it's just that much easier for him to destroy carte blanche, everything that our ancestors have worked so hard to build. Our Constitution has suffered, the citizens of this country have suffered, the citizens of other countries have suffered and many have lost their lives. Almost everyone on this planet has suffered to some degree, if not directly then at least indirectly, because of the neo-cons that have a stranglehold on this country and a large part of this planet.

On Tuesday, a lot of us will be exercising our "right" to vote. I see this day as our final chance to (at least) slow bush and his neo-con masters down. If we are unsuccessful in voting the Democrats into controlling power I'm afraid we will find ourselves on a downward path with no way to turn around. Unfortunately a HUGE percentage of our population won't vote. What's even worse, these are the ones who, in many cases, need the change the most. But even worse yet are the poor that support their own demise. I cringe every time i see a mid-80s, oil burning Chrysler minivan with dirty windows and six children in the back, sporting a bush/cheney bumper sticker. What is wrong with these people? They will be the first casualties of oppression if the bush-bots are successful again. We must not let this happen.


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