Tuesday, November 07, 2006

21 Reasons to Kick Out the Republicans

From "The Young Turks" radio program (click on the item to see a short video clip about the subject matter).

Reason #21 - George Allen, Trent Lott and Jesse Helms: GOP Tolerates Racists.
Reason #20 - In Halliburton We Trust: Lack of Congressional Oversight of War Profiteering in Iraq.
Reason #19 - Bolton' the UN: Rejection of International Institutions.
Reason #18 - Hide and Sneak: GOP Runs Congress in Violation of Democratic Principles.
Reason #17 - Terri Schiavo: Total and Utter Hypocrisy.
Reason #16 - 9/11: Failure to Heed Warnings, and no Accountability.
Reason #15 - Clear Lies: Environmental and Health Protection Sacrificed for Corporate Interests.
Reason #14 - Party of God: Republican Party is dominated by the Extreme Religious Right.
Reason #13 - Loose Nukes: Failure to Act on former Soviet Union and North Korean nuclear weapons. (Read Fred Kaplan's article here.)
Reason #12 – Gay Terrorist Baby Killers: Republicans Use Wedge Issues to Divide America.
Reason #11 – Contempt for Science: Ideology Trumps Evidence and Facts.
Reason #10 – Padilla, Hamdi and Habeus Corpus: Violation of Fundamental Principles of Law and Justice.
Reason #9 – Iran: We Cannot Allow an Attack.
Reason #8 – K Street: Lobbyists Take Over Congress.
Reason #7 – Diebold: Failure to Address Voting Problems.
Reason #6 - Fiscal Irresponsibility: Republicans Run Enormous Budget Deficits.
Reason #5 – Katrina: Failure of Government.
Reason #4 – Spying and Lying: Warrantless Domestic Wiretapping.
Reason #3 – Torture.
Reason #2 – Congress for Sale: Republican Culture of Corruption.
Reason #1 – Iraq: Unjustified War, Unncessary Catastrophe.


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