Saturday, October 07, 2006

GOP Tries to Make Dems Responsible for Foley Scandle

Yeah we'll do that just as soon as we get testimony from your side that you used terror alerts for political advantage during the 2004 presidential campaign. These folks are unbelievable. It's the dems fault, its the page's fault, it's the media's fault, it's the leakers fault. No mention of "personal responsibility" here folks. Only young pregnant women who seek abortions have to accept 'personal responsiblity' for their actions on Planet Republican. Don't fall for this crap folks.

Faced with fending off the backlash from the Mark Foley scandal, House Republicans took the offensive Friday, asking Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats to testify about whether they engaged in partisan trickery by releasing Foley's messages weeks before the midterm elections.

Top GOP leaders -- including House Speaker Dennis Hastert, of Illinois, and Majority Leader John Boehner, of Ohio -- have accused the Democrats of knowing about Foley's correspondences with teen pages, and waiting to release them until it was politically advantageous.


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