Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ten Big News Stories You Aren't Hearing

The San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper has printed a list of stories we in the media seem to have largely ignored over the past year. The story is gleaned from an annual list developed by Project Censored, a media research group out of Sonoma State University that tracks the news published in independent journals and newsletters.

Here are the Top 10 most ignored stories.

1. The Feds and the media muddy the debate over Internet freedom.

2. Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran.

3. World oceans in extreme danger.

4. Hunger and homelessness increasing in the United States.

5. High-tech genocide in Congo.

6. Federal whistleblower protection in jeopardy.

7. U.S. operatives torture detainees to death in Afghanistan and Iraq.

8. Pentagon exempt from Freedom of Information Act.

9. World Bank funds Israel-Palestine wall.

10. Expanded air war in Iraq kills more civilians.



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