Friday, September 22, 2006

The "Let America Vote" Act ... and Letting America Know

By Kathy Gill

In the wake of continued hassles and failures of technology at the polls -- including abandoned voting machines -- the Brad Blog is calling for "an emergency measure to require Emergency Paper Ballots be made available at the polls during this November's general election." He calls it the "Let America Vote Act."

At least in my state (Washington), a voter can request a paper ballot at the poll. But most of us Washingtonians vote (absentee) by mail. As do all Oregonians. Maybe the easiest thing to do is to take responsibility for your vote and put in that absentee ballot request (assuming your state will allow you to do so -- many still require that you pledge you'll be away and unable to vote in person).

Better yet, send this post -- or Brad's -- or Princeton's video (more about this, below) -- to your local media. This issue needs full sunshine, and few US media outlets are reporting these risks. Most Americans simply do not know the risks of voting with an electronic system.

Princeton scientists create vote-stealing program for a Diebold machine


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