Friday, September 15, 2006

Jailhouse Gang?


Santorum ad misleadingly portrays Casey's "campaign team" as a posse of lawbreakers and suspects, though none actually work for Casey.

Republican Senator Rick Santorum's newest ad features a Bob Casey campaign meeting – inside a prison cell. Referring to the men in the room as Casey's "campaign team," the ad accuses "many of Casey's largest contributors" of being convicted felons or under federal investigation.

In fact, none of the "campaign team" members portrayed in the ad currently works for the Casey campaign, and only one ever did have an official role. One of the four died two years ago.
Further, while these men or political committees they controlled did donate large sums of money to Casey at some point, all but one of the contributions were to previous Casey electoral efforts. And two of the men mentioned in the ad have contributed small amounts to Santorum as well.



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