Sunday, July 23, 2006

News From Iraq

-Two American soldiers were killed Saturday in Baghdad, seven Shiite construction workers were gunned down and five Sunni civilians were blown up, deepening the capital's security crisis. Shiite politicians called on the prime minister to cancel his visit to Washington to protest Israel's attacks in Lebanon. DETAILS

-Bombers have struck a bloody blow against Iraq's fledgling hopes for peace, killing at least 63 people just one day after the government launched national reconciliation talks. DETAILS

-A car bomb killed 36 civilians and wounded 72 in a Shi'ite district of east Baghdad on Sunday, a day after an inaugural meeting to start reconciling Iraq's rival factions produced little tangible result. DETAILS

-A car bomb has killed 15 people and injured 50 more, 30 of them seriously, outside a courthouse in the northern Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk. DETAILS

-A Ruckersville, VA family is mourning the loss of their son and brother, an Army medic who was killed Saturday morning in Iraq by a roadside bomb. Adam Fargo, 22, died in Baghdad after his convoy struck an IED, according to his father, Doug Fargo. DETAILS


At Sunday, July 23, 2006 4:07:00 PM , Blogger Marshall Darts said...

Let Iraq Have Its Civil War

It's become evident within the last year that Iraqis are now more interested in killing each other than in killing American troops. This was bound to happen since religious differences always result in the bloodiest consequences. Yes, Americans have a different religion, but the Shia-Sunni sectarian warfare is about religious schism, inherently much more volatile and fanatic.

Do we just cut and run then, leaving Iraq for the benefit of some other country due to our effort? No. Let's consolidate the few gains we've made and hunker down to see how the Shia-Sunni civil war plays out.

Move our troops and our Iraqi Green Zone government into friendly Kurdish territory. We can move back in if Iran or anyone else tries to intervene. Keep the Syrian border sealed. Reinforce the British troops in Basra so that the oil fields and the Gulf are protected.

The Sunnis, though a minority, will get plenty of help from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan. Iran will supply the Shiites. Our troops and puppet government will be out of harm's way.

Our troops will no longer have responsibility to control a territorial area too big for the force we have there. Yet we will still have a deterrent capability in the area.

No matter when we leave, a sectarian civil war will occur at some point. Why lose anymore American soldiers in trying to put off the inevitable?

This conflict looks less like Vietnam and more like the British Mandate in Palestine everyday. What did the British do? They left.


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