Saturday, July 08, 2006

Media Continues to Call Every Match for Bush


Just last week, the Republicans' relentless assault on the media was touted as an opportunity to fire up their base by running against the media. The Washington Post reported that Bush "rallied Republicans with another attack on the media," while NBC's Tim Russert said, "It is something that resonates with the organized Republican conservative base: taking on the media, the liberal media."

And, of course, to the journalist/pundit crowd, Republicans are always lucky to be able to run against those bumbling political amateurs, the Democrats, whom the media are all too quick to deride as "unable to get their act together" -- despite a healthy lead in generic ballot polling.

All told, the Republicans' great good fortune is that they get to run against Democrats, the media, the Supreme Court, and President Bush.

It's only a matter of time before some enterprising journalist figures out a way to argue that the public's general dislike for the Republicans spells good news for ... Republicans. After all, it'll just give the GOP another group to run against: the American people.



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