Thursday, July 20, 2006

Marine Fights for Life After Bomb Blast

Just days before his tour in Iraq was scheduled to end, Lance Cpl. Don Fowler's life was changed by a suicide bomber.

Fowler was on his third deployment to Iraq when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb near a hospital Fowler was guarding. Fowler, who had planned to surprise his family with an early homecoming Friday, is on his way to a military hospital in Maryland. He is in a drug-induced coma with serious injuries to both his arms and legs.

"The doctor's tell us he will sustain partial, if not total, hearing loss and will probably lose one of his legs," said Don Fowler Sr. "I wouldn't wish this on anyone. We're just taking it one day at a time."Fowler is father to a three-week old daughter. Fowler's parents say anyone who would like to help can make a contribution to the Sempre Fi fund. The charity helps pay for the care of injured marines.


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