Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Clinton Describes `Troubling Issues' in Economy

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said the stability of the U.S. economy may be threatened by ``skyrocketing'' health-care costs, widening trade and budget deficits and disappearing middle-class jobs.

``The economy is working really well for many people,'' Clinton, a New York Democrat, said today. ``But if you look just over the horizon and below the surface there are some troubling issues.''

In an interview previewing a major speech she will give tomorrow at the Chicago Economic Club, Clinton said, ``the rich are getting richer, everybody else is marching in place'' and ``I don't think that's good for us.''

Asked if the government should step in should General Motors Corp. go bankrupt, Clinton said the government could help by relieving some of the costs auto companies bear for retiree health care in return for getting them to ``expedite a move toward energy efficient products.''



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